Direct Cremation

There is no requirement that any type of service be held prior to cremation. Some families choose to have a direct cremation, meaning that the body is cremated promptly after the necessary legal documents have been completed. There is no viewing, formal funeral service or ceremony prior to the cremation. The cremated remains would be turned over to the family in the urn they have selected. A memorial service may be held after the cremation has taken place.

Pre Planning Form

Funeral service with cremation following the service

This usually refers to a funeral service held either at the mortuary chapel, or at the church of the family’s choice. The casket may be open or closed during the ceremony, depending on religious custom and personal preference.

The funeral is an appropriate time to say goodbye which is an important beginning of the healing process. It provides a time and place to remember and talk about the life and death of a loved one.

After the funeral, we drive deceased to the crematory and perform the cremation. You can do many things with the cremated remains: bury it in a family plot, bury it in a part of the cemetery designated for cremated remains, store it in an indoor or outdoor columbarium, store it at home, or scatter it in accordance with local laws.